Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Its finally happened...

Who would've thought that the flat would go through? At times, we certainly didn't, but it has happened. Last Wednesday, 18th February, after over a year of trying, Banz and I became homeless.

So, what now?

Well, after a strange feeling of relief and numbness, yet not quite happiness, we handed our notice in at work, booked our flights for Australia and came to the conclusion that The Big Trip is actually going to happen.... and boy, are we unfit!

You see a year ago, we were primed, fit, had been cycling to work each day, had completed the Coast to Coast and were eating well. The depression that set in after the loft room fiasco of 2003 meant that much chocolate, chips and lager were consumed in a fruitless effort to make us feel better. That and not really feeling like riding our bikes didn't help. But the eight months between then and now have given us something that I think is more important - a determination and resolve that we discovered when the chips were down. We're doing this trip. Come hell or high water (we don't want either to be honest - especially whilst camping). We're definitely doing this trip.

Our timeline is now -

27/02 - Finish Work
29/02 - Be in Cardiff to watch the mighty Boro lift the Carling Cup
03/03 - Fly from London to Bangkok
10/03 - Fly from Bangkok to Brisbane
12/03 - Fly to Mackay from Brisbane
18/03 - Get the overnight train from Mackay to Brisbane
26/03 - Fly from Brisbane to Singapore
30/03 - Fly from Singapore to London

We haven't decided yet, but we should be heading up to Teesside soon after we return to London and then setting off a week or so after that. Keep checking back here for finalised details.

In the meantime, you may have noticed that the site is looking different. The time lost through no longer having a Playstation, Cable TV and for a time, standard TV have not been wasted. Look around and see what we mean and make sure you give us some feedback on what you think. Highlights include the Cycling Nickname Generator and The Poll. You can also show your support for The Big Trip and get along to the Gift Shop.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

11 Heroes Revealed

It can't have escaped the notice of sports lovers the world over that the mighty Boro stormed past hapless Arsenal to reach the final of the Carling Cup last night.

Here at the Big Trip we can exclusively reveal the 11 heroes who made the victory possible. The search for lucky items of clothes is a tireless one as far as Middlesbrough Football Club are concerned but it seems as if we have stumbled across a winning combination.

It's unclear whether individual items inspire individual positions as per our photo (although it'd be nice to think my socks were responsible for another solid central defensive performance) but it seems obvious that overall the lucky clothes played a blinder.

As we have mentioned previously, Boro doing well is something of a rarity so moments like these are to be cherished. Especially when the shock is so great it forces my boss (who's an Arsenal fan) to call in sick rather than face up to the defeat. He was always well enough to come in after our numerous 4-1 drubbings though...

Anyway next stop Cardiff on the 29th!