Saturday, November 29, 2003

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

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Everything in its right place

It is six months and one day since I last walked into the office that I had previously worked in for the past three and a half years. You would think that it would be completely different, but apart from some banter about the Rugby World Cup (and everyone being happier than they usually are due to the England win), it was exactly the same and I don't feel like I'd been away at all.

If only our bank balance felt the same......

We're kind of approaching D-day with the flat and fingers crossed we'll have some positive news soon....

Friday, November 14, 2003

Time passes

This was supposed to be our third and last week with the hungry pets of Europe but our hard work and dedication has seen us handed an extension. Sadly, our gain is Mark Viduka's loss and he's had to patch things up at Leeds instead of sniffing round King's House in Harrow. Our extension is going to be just a week as Vic is heading back to her old place of work and I have some slightly more encouraging irons in the fire. Perhaps we are leaving at the right time though as there has been a worrying trend of taking our work home with us. Last night we were trying to think of movies featuring the brands we know and love. After "Little Cesar" and "Aldi President's Men" we knew it was time to get out.

The house continues to progress and we are now in the hands of our respective solicitors. The purchaser has indicated he's keen to complete by the end of the month. This is fantastic news for us but worrying for any of our friends with spare bedrooms.....

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The truth about cats and dogs

We are into week 2 of our three week assignment and we're suffering from "middle of a trilogy" syndrome. The novelty of finding out about western Europe's pet food buying habits has worn off and we are still not quite ready for the big payoff. (If any tax inspectors are reading this I use the word 'payoff' metaphorically.) Anyway, we're well on track to finish our bits and bobs on time and this has to be good news for all the cats and dogs out there.

Things are also moving forward (if slowly) on the home front and another box was ticked on Friday when the survey was completed. We're expecting to hear back this week about it, which probably means the report will be delivered by a postman wearing a Santa hat. Actually, you've got more chance of seeing Father Xmas than a postie these days but that's a different matter.