Friday, April 25, 2003

Goodbye Snakebite :-(

Well, it was goodbye to Snakey from Banz this morning. Our trading post ads where we're selling off the remnants of our London life have succeeded and Banz got a response from the Ad for Snakey yesterday. Banz rode him there this morning and the prospective buyer snatched him up for only a 50% depreciation cost on his purchase price (ie £100).

One of my colleagues here at work, Karen is maybe interested in Vulcan after taking him for a spin along the canal yesterday after work. She's keen to cycle in to work as much as possible due to the same reasons that we got back into it, ie. traffic, driving, public transport not reliable and fitness.

Its kind of sad to be seeing our old bikes going. They're what got us back in to cycling after such a long time and whilst they were cheap, we did get our moneys worth and then some on them. Hopefully they'll go to good homes and will be well maintained and used.

Bring on the weekend and hopefully some decent weather for a ride.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Still at work....

Well my dream of a month off in front of the PS2 didn't materialise and I'm still here at work, hence my reason for not having an opportunity to write up a blog.....

I dream of one day finding a job that I actually find stimulating and want to do. Frustrating in a way, but I've just sort of drifted into different things including what I'm doing now, working with computers. Parts of it are interesting, but the management in the department I'm in now, are awful and are one of the main reasons why I just can't wait to leave. I do feel sorry for my colleagues who don't have that option. I can only hope that they'll eventually get someone better or find better jobs, before their positions get wound up or the entire thing outsourced.

Enough about work as it is so dull. We just had Easter weekend which was a great break. Basically we didn't do a lot and just relaxed around the house. Yesterday we unfortunately went to the football and Boro's horrible away form for the season continued with a 1-0 loss to relegation battling West Ham. Our season is effectively over and they've got everything to play for. I am such a jinx though as except for a league cup game against Brentford, all the away games I've seen this season have ended in 1-0 defeats. Oh well, since we won't be able to any games next season, I expect us to have a great run... or the usual rollercoaster season that we always seem to have at Boro.

Its two weeks almost since we did the Coast to Coast. It was the hardest thing I've ever done physically in my life. At one stage I just didn't want to go on and was doubting doing the Big Trip completely. Banz calmed me down and we realised that there are going to be hard moments on the Big Trip, but we'll be able to take them at our own pace and won't have to be making sure we're in a certain place for our night's kip. I also hope that I will be a bit fitter before I start having to hit some mountain ranges again....