Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The Best of Times, the Bloody worst of Times...

Well our nightmare has come true. Our house sale fell apart yesterday. The buyers pulled out as they couldn't handle the pressure to do with the loft not being approved by the council. They really must be the stupidest people I've met in my lifetime (and I have met some prize idiots), as everything was set for it to go through and they obviously couldn't grasp the fundamentals of what happens in a house sale.

So we're now trying to decide what we're going to do. We don't have furniture, jobs and a loft conversion that isn't regularised.

Big Trip is on hold, at least for the next three months. I don't pray, but if you can send some positive thoughts into the world for us it would be much appreciated as you can imagine our's are pretty damn negative at the moment. Oh, and if you know anyone who'll give us a job, that would also help.... Thank god for the latest Harry Potter book - I don't know how I would've entertained myself otherwise when we got the news yesterday.